Winter Blues

January 27, 2001

Dear Diary:

It's getting time.

I have this itch... and it's just gotta get scratched.

I'm telling you, It's TIME

I could go into the psychology and maybe the physiology of it all, but I figured that for tonight I would just keep it simple.

Dear Diary I have the need I have the need for some SPEED.

This has been ONE LONG WET SNOWY WINTER - I'm sick of it already... You see, I can cope with winter, I can even cope with wind-chills that are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay sub zero. But I gotta get out and get some speed.

Mrs and I had a little talk in the kitchen today. "Remember that 12 day vacation you took in November, the one where you took the train back and forth across America?" (Note... it was a slow trip - equivalent to me of a sentence to the gas chamber - ok - ok - not quite - but almost)

Eyebrows raise. "I have a need for speed."

No argument. Which is very good, because especially in this matter, Mrs. NSR has been around long enough to understand.

"What about the knee? I thought you said it wasn't ready.?"

I said speed, she thought ski. I wonder why?

"Knee isn't ready, I'm not thinking of a ski trip."

She queried "St. Thomas?"

(Client just asked me last night if I needed to go with to evaluate a business deal he is considering) I shook my head.

"No speed in St. Thomas. Maybe if a hurricane was on the way, we could get in some great sailing, but I need something else."

Then what? she asked.

It only took one word.


"I thought that would bother your knee"

"Not for riding, knee is good for riding. The only problem I am having right now, is trying to figure out where I can ride, where I know the weather is going to be good. San Diego could have rain, so could Texas and Arizona. I know they rent in Orlando, but somehow the idea of Florida and the Harley, seems, well just a tad boring."

On the way to hockey tonight, I mulled the thought around in my mind, searching out all the places I knew rented bikes. Suddenly I yelled out - "I GOT IT" Son took of his headphones and looked at me..... I explained my thought, and he smiled.

Sooooooooooooo - When I came home from the game and logged on to the Net and went looking... and came up with it ... he also heard the YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS BOYYYYYYYYYYYY ... COME SEE

Boy walks into the room, music is playing from the site in question...

Born to be Wild... DJ's Rentals

And not only there ... but they got em on Maui as well.

Time to start planning - time to look for some deals.

You see Dear Diary, I've got this need.... I'd itch it, but I can't take my bike out of the garage.

Too much snow.

Besides, I could get some good pictures in Hawaii, dontcha think?