Blog Conversion

February 27, 2002

So much for the idea of writing on a daily basis. I don't know what happened here, but I do know that since Sunday the 17th, lots has happened.

On Thursday the 14th, I've got images and a story to write, about the girl who placed 7th in her regional competition, advancing to the State finals in her GS ski racing category.

The boy has had two hockey games since, and they won both, advancing to the next level of their playoffs, Got a great image of him making a goal, especially since he generally plays defense. Turns out the team they were playing was really weak, so the coach mixed up all the players.

We went north for the State finals over this last weekend, more images, more to write about. Daughter did well, and finished her season happy. That's what counts after all.

Yesterday the landscape was coated with the brush that truly makes this a "Winter Wonderland" and one of the images of such, is now on the splash page.

Rather than write, I've spent tons of time working on the new web space, organizing, building structures, making changes to page layouts and adding at least one image to each gallery. I used to have eight galleries, now there are 21.

Each entry is being edited before reposting, and each image is also being checked for size, digital copyright and such, so the end of this project is some where far off in the distance.

Finally though, I feel that I can begin to write in my own space again, and begin to make entries based on what's happening today. The structure for the journal and images is complete, and even though I don't have all the issues with CSS down and do not have a table free site, I don't really care any more.

Either I spend my life trying to make a perfect table free CSS site, or I go back to writing and posting images. I decided I prefer to write, and I'll tackle the CSS when I have time.