The Big Picture


So I'm back, and I'm still irked about the contest site and all.

I almost got discouraged and gave up posting, but until they ask me for more money, I think I'll keep on trying. At first I thought that perhaps my camera is not up to the task, and although most of the images are shot with a combination of lens and camera that costs in the $5,000+ range, I figure I still should be able to compete. At least 25% of the images on most days are shot with the "low end" cameras.

However... last night I found a book on the web that purports to give out all kinds of special techniques of shooting with Nikon Cool-pix cameras, and after reading the write-up, the credit card flew out of my wallet faster than you can say paypay.

Meanwhile, it's Friday, and that means football, and that means pictures, even though my son is extremely discouraged with the coaches. He says that the team is so demoralized by their bitching that he has written a letter, but is unsure of whether or not to send it.

The way I see it, those who can't coach, demoralize. Quite a few parents think that these coaches are downright stupid, and I for one, am in agreement.

Maybe the coaches are the ones who need to chill. (see previous entry)

But speaking of chillin......

It's called Iceberg Lake. Did I swim in it or not?