Back to the Grind


It's that time of year again, and no sooner had I returned with the equivalent of 10 rolls of film that needed to be "processed" from my vacation, but there I was out shooting the first football game of my son's senior year. And although I have been really quite irritated this last week that none of my images were selected for "picture of the day" at a photo contest site, I've been able to print a few images for myself, and some of my son's friends. This was one of the "justifications" that I used for the purchase of said image maker, that I needed the long telephoto in order to get some decent shots, and decent they are.

Number 17 is my son, and the other guy is a neighbor who he has grown up with. On the back of my son's new varsity jacket is a picture of a quarterback being chased by the Tight End.

Hmmmm... looks familiar.

But even if the football pictures are good, that doesn't mean still not mad about the contest thing.

Today some stupid puppy won out over my Big Horned Sheep, or my three buddies, called 3's a crowd, below.

I mean, here I go, schlepping off into the wilderness, walked for miles and miles, and the winners, (especially in the animal category) day after day, are images taken with a monster tripod lens on a monster tripod, taken at the zoo.

How else do you think they get those creatures so sharp?

Maybe they should call it the "professional" photo of the day contest.

I'm irked, can you tell?

Vanity vanity

Well, life goes on, and the middle child is safely ensconced in her new digs at college, even though the wireless network is not working. That is the reason I drove down there this weekend, to get the computer hooked up. Oh yes, don't forget the funding my credit cards provided at the bookstore.

But isn't that what Dad's are for?

Youngest applied to Arizona State (where her sister goes to school and lives now) and we shall see if the future points the whole family in that direction. I told him at dinner the other day we were going to follow him to college, and in fact, we were going to move in with him.

He smiled.

Slowly but surely, I've been working away on the images, and sooner or later, probably later, I'm going to write a summary of each day's adventure and create a gallery of images for each day.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to get "verified" with the stupid pay-pay folks. I'm trying to pay for something on the web that will only accept a payment from Pay Pal or a money order. Since I don't believe in money orders on the web, Paypay is the only option. When all was said and done I was forced to open a new account, and the first thing they wanted access to was my checking account.


My checking account?

Over my dead body you'll have access to my checking account and routing codes and such. Credit card or nothing buster!

And so they send a 1.95 charge to my credit card, and then send me an e-mail asking for the numbers from the statement before they will "verify" the account. How dumb is this?

I've got online access to my account, but can you imagine waiting a month before you can get verified?

This isn't some 3rd world banking system we are talking about here, but anyhow, since the DM is Bearing with me, all should be well.

Well, sooner or later that is.

Perhaps I should just go chill.