The Pink Pixel - Part 2


So anyhow...

It became apparent that a return to the factory was in order.

However, as some of you may remember, I get the shakes when I think about turning in my camera for repairs. As a matter of fact, the last time this happened to me, I dropped off my Olympus at one camera store, and drove straight to another, where I bought the replacement Nikon, because one should not be separated from one's camera for too long.


Where's the Olympus?

I seem to recall that I turned that in round about February 8th or so. Let's see, this is July and if I had my Olympus back, I would not suffer camera withdrawal.

<---- searches for phone number

[Insert Telephone Ring here]

"Hello, Camera Store? Ummmm, I brought in a camera a couple of weeks ago, no make that a couple of months ago, and I was wondering, can I come in and pick up my camera.?"

"Call back tomorrow? The lady who handles that is not in? Sure, not a problem."

[Insert Telephone Ring here]

"Hello Camera store, can I speak to the lady who is in charge of wayward cameras please?"

"Oh, You want to call Olympus? You are checking on things. Ok. I'll call tomorrow."

[Insert Telephone Ring]

"Hello, May I speak to the store manager please? Ohhhhhhhhhh. They Lost my camera. How convenient. Can I point something out here? I left you my property. I authorized the repair about 5 months ago. I need a camera. You'll call the owner of the store and call me back? Ok."

[Voicemail message]

"Mr. NSR, We at XYZ Camera are very sorry that you do not have your camera back. In fact, if you come into the store tonight or tomorrow we will sell you a brand new, better than the camera you left, including a 1 year warranty, Olympus 4000 Camera... for the price of the repair you authorized on your 3 year old camera. All your camera stuff will work with the new model. If this is acceptable, please let me know."

I dunno, what do you think?

Image acceptable?

Customer service, when it works, can be a really good thing.

Now the Nikon, dispatched, hopefully will be back in time for the next great photo expedition.