Blatant Commercialism


Fennec Fox, Phoenix Zoo, Digital Image 2004

There I was, cornered and hungry, and the opportunity was right there.

So I took it.

It's America isn't it?

I mean commercial is not a dirty word, and besides..... I've got this habit.

I like stroking long lenses.

Ok, so I'm not intending to setting any records for cash flow, but it was my decision, and I'm sticking by it.

I'm building a new house. I've got the framing in place, and it needs lots and lots of work, but this is a commercial house, and right now, there is really nothing there for you to see other than hockey pics.

I've crossed over to the commercial side.

Since my new web space allows for multiple "domains" to point to my space, I have taken the liberty of carving out another piece of cyberspace and I am calling it my own.

In The Lens it is - (.com is taken but not active) I'm going to sell photographs there, and I'll take credit card orders and pay-pal orders, and then I'll print the images and send them out across the highways and byways of life.

I figure that other than the sports team pics, I'll sell at least, well, conservatively speaking, 3 or 4 photos a year.

Actually, I do think that there might be a market for the quote images, but we shall see.

I'm basically going to link from the site over to the just in case one of those 3 or 4 random folks want to buy something.

Hey, I've got the space, might as well fill it up with something.

Besides, I've only got 3 or 4 thousand more hockey and football pics to sort through and post, and after I'm done with that I'm sure I'll be bored.