Let Me Chew On All That


Prarie Dog, Phoenix Zoo, Digital Image 2004

Well, I actually got a response or two that the idea of having some photos for sale.

I'm kind of dumbfounded actually.

But while I chew on the possibilities, I'd like to answer a couple of questions and point out some of the issues that I've got to work out.

The biggest technical problem that I am facing has to do with the printing of the images. While my current Epson Photo printer is putting out some really nice images, I'm not sure whether or not the ink will fade quickly or not. That happens to be one of the larger problems with ink jet printers.

Sometime over the next month or two I'll be sending a couple of test images to labs on the net, and I'm also going to test out the digital printer from the local camera store as well as the walk-up and do it yourself one at Costco.

And yes, once I figure all that out, I'd be glad to sign any images that I print, using either my real name, or NSR or Santa if that suits you.

Next will come the e-commerce thing that will have to be connected to the site, including pay-pal and being able to use credit cards and the like for payments.

For those who want to use the old fashoned method of a check, snail mail will work just fine.

I'm also going to purchase a couple of sets of frames that I saw at Costco recently, because they seem to offer a high quality wood frame at a really reasonable price.

And then there are all the issues with shipping, and dropping off at UPS etc etc.

I'm not complaining, just letting you know that there are a whole bunch of ducks that have to get all lined up.

And ducks, as you may know, are often slippery when wet and they move around quite a bit.

Meanwhile, we skipped one of our "assigned rooms" for this week's garbage day, and that means little time in front of the computer this weekend.

The goal was to get at least 10 bags of junk either thrown out or donated every week for 16 weeks, and here we are, one week behind already.

It's amazing just how much junk one can accumulate over almost 25 years in the same house.