And the News Is?


Well, the three weeks was up a couple of days ago and we have gotten a bit tired of waiting around.

So Mrs called the HR department at the place where she is interviewing.

We told them that we were on the way to a track meet and wanted to leave a cell phone number so that they could get back to us with some kind of status update.And the new news is??????

Oh...The other candidate won't be interviewed till the end of May, so that means no decision till sometime in June.

I'm ticked off, and so is the Mrs.

They told her that she would hear something in 2-3 weeks, and then we were the ones that had to shake the tree and find out that no, it's 3 more weeks maybe.

I think we have come to the conclusion that the organization is dysfunctional, and perhaps it's not the best place in the southwest to work.

So today, with 5 more positions open in Nevada and Arizona, the resumes are hitting the street.

It's cloudy again, the temp is a whopping 48 degrees and my mood matches the weather.

And unfortunately, that's the real news for today.

Place your life on hold, and we'll get back to you whenever we feel like it.