November - 2006 Mostly New Mexico

Photo of the Day - Most days that is


Nov 5, 2006 - Battleship Rock - Jemez area

Nov 6, 2006 Showtime

I don't usually post people pics but this one is from a series of over a hundred that I've taken at a shotgun style of bar in Santa Fe.

One day I intend to write about the bar, but until that happens, I'll throw in a few images this month from that place.

Every Saturdy from 3 to 6 you can hear a dixieland jazz band perform and on occasion, they will have visitors who will take up the mike.

I generally shoot without a flash using only the ambient light so the photos are sometimes not the sharpest, but I'm just trying to capture some of the atmosphere, and the lighting as it falls on some of the band members.

This guy is Tim, a local opera singer who joined in at the very end of the last set one Saturday and all I can say is that I wish I had a recording of that voice.

November 7, 2006 Who you looking at?

Pronghorn Antelope

"Pronghorn are the fastest runners in Yellowstone. When they need to, they can run at 70 miles per hour (113 kph) for three to four minutes. That's as fast as most cars go on the highway."

Shot in central NM on the way back from the Stones concert a couple of weeks ago. Last weekend saw a large herd near Santa Fe

November 8, 2006 Right, Left

Nov 7, (election day) to the right

To the left

November 9, 2006 Colorful

Peacock, Taos, NM on the porch of our B&B, Feb/March 05

November 10, 2006 Moon Set at Sunrise

The shadow of the Sandia Mountains is what is seen in the foreground.

Mt. Taylor in the background is 65 miles away, visible just about every day of the year.

November 12, 2006 Evening

Thunderhead behind the Sandias

November 13, 2006 Alien

Spaceship, northern New Mexico.

Red is from rare appearance of Northern Lights in this southern state.

You are not buying the story?



So it's from the aquarium in Albuquerque.

This is the home state of the aliens that landed in Roswell

It's called poetic license.

November 14, 2006 Edible

Shows to go you... how far behind I am in some of the "projects" that I'd like to catch up on.

This shot was taken in the summer of 03, and I've yet to complete the gallery of images, or the hiking trail segment that I planned to do for Glacier National Park.

Early morning light, August 2003.

New Mexico today is doing one of the things it does best, it blows you around.

Winds 30mpg-40mph with gusts to 50mph.

Perhaps I'll get some kind of picture of the wind, later.

November 15, 2006 Wind

It may not be what was expected, but one of the components of big wind here in New Mexico is a lotta dirt.

And, since my camera needs cleaning I just was not in the mood to go out into the wind yesterday so I suppose that exercise will just have to wait for another day.

Besides, to do what I intended, I needed a tripod and did not have one in the car.

But the wind is still here, can you hear it?

From the same bar - Nov 6 photo above.


Rainbow outside of Colorado Springs.

Panorama of 4 images - it was a big one.


While shooting in/on New Mexico's largest beach (White Sands) I came across this just a couple of weeks ago.

Although some of you may recognize it from the movie Tremors, what you may not know is that the graboids (image here) were originally found and filmed in the area of California at the entrance of one of my favorite Mountains, Mt. Whitney.

I had assumed that they were restricted to the area around Lone Pine, but as you can see, sand has filled the cavities of this critter and preserved it for us to visit, for all time.

Well, perhaps it could be a migrating erection from Tent Rocks, but this is made of sand, not rock.


Big football day today - actually one that may impact part of my future. If U of M wins today, we may all head on over to AZ to try and join in on the festivities - especially since son goes to school there and married eldest lives there.

But I'm sorry, I still can't seem to care. I'll maybe watch for a minute or two, if it's close and at the end of the game, and the tv is on.

I went to the U of M for grad school - still no connection.

If the kids needed some motivation however, you gotta hand it to Bo (famouos U of M coach) for dropping dead yesterday, perhaps it will be cause for some inspired play.

Perhaps not.

Meanwhile however, it's a perfect day to ride and I'm going on out to buy my season pass to Durango - even though I busted my thumb there last year, I'll at least consider the pass.

Either that or a 4 pack at a "discount rate."

Sierra Blanca, Southern New Mexico, couple of weeks ago. One of our 12,000ft plus peaks (4,000m).

Standing Guard 11/20/2006

On the grounds of the Aquarium / Botanical Garden this fellow stands guard - against what, I'm not really sure.

Nick 11/21/2006

I did a search today on this bar and found only a couple of pieces, one very extensive that tells the story of Nick and more importantly, his father whose photo has become an icon of American history.

One review about the bar in Santa Fe says the following:

But the amazing story that we heard dwarfed the Bass and Amstel Light that we drank that night...too bad that we only had one night in Santa Fe.

If I lived in Santa Fe this would be a regular haunt!

And for us, it is.

And if you are interested, the amazing story of ANGELO KLONIS:

The Real-Life Story of an Army Soldier Turned American Icon is here.

Back in... 11/26/2006

Funky Albuquerque...

After a stop at the boy's apartment to see the roomate's 62 inch big screen "you gotta see this TV with the new X-box" ...

But he left out the part about how the apartment had not seen cleaning supplies since the start of the year....

and so we quickly vacated for lunch and it was off for a 6 hour ride back to funky Albuquerque.

Coffee shop - Historic Route 66, "nob hill" district.

Graffiti? Monday, November 27, 2006

At the Petrglyphs National monument there are some 20,000 ancient carvings in the desert rock.

Some people say the site is sacred, and the images are as well.

I wonder if some day we will find out that they were carved by a bunch of juvenile delenquents who were housed there in a kind of "detention center."

At the Petrglyphs National monument there are some 20,000 ancient carvings in the desert rock.

Petroglyphs are images and designs made by engraving, carving or scratching away the dark layer of rock varnish on a rock's surface to reveal the lighter rock underneath. Images can be of varying depths and thicknesses. Images can be pecked, carved, incised, scratched, or abraded.

You can read all about it, here.

Sound the trumpets Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blow the horns

Ho Jo Mo Jo is about to end.


We will let the dancing begin.

(Top - funky little town called Madrid - home of errant hippies who have a kind of "art community" back in the mountains on the back road to Santa Fe.

Bottom - from the "hero's bar" - you can see the banjo player in the reflection.

Dancing In the Streets Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yippitie DO Da...

The end of HoJo MoJo is here.

But then I've got another reason to dance, even though I'm a white guy and we all know that they can't dance.

During my trip to Phoenix last week I went through an advanced E-bay bidding tutorial with my daughter, looking at a specific item that I was interested in.

Sunday night, just 10 minutes after we drove in, the bidding was going to end.

I took out my watch with a sweep second hand, had two windows open, one with the bid button, the other on the e-bay page and with 7 seconds left, clicked BID NOW and presto bingo, I won.

Now I'm the happy camper/proud owner of a step up from my carry around everywhere camera - to the Olympus 5060 wide angle, including a couple of extra lenses that I'll be able to take to Europe and not have to lug around all all of my heavy equipment.

Took my first shots this morning, and after my homework is finished, I may even post one or two.

Meanwhile, along with St. Francis of Assisi below, I'm dancing in the streets.

(Tough to shoot in the deep shade and using only the built in camera flash.)