Images from the Mountain

February 23 , 2008

Throughout the day today I've been sneaking upstairs between bouts of practice exam questions to take a shot or two of the mountain. A storm blew through last night and left the summit coated in white and covered a lot of the mountain down to about the 8,000 foot level.

I've shown a series like this before, watching the play of light on the mountain as the day progresses. I just looked back and it too, happened in the month of February. To be sure, I was hoping that at the end of the day I'd see another red glow on the mountain but that was not to be the case.

I especially like to watch how the sunlight will highlight the smallest section of the mountain and then moments later, another spot comes to life.

A two image panorama shows the larger play of light over the mountain, but without a larger image, it just doesn't seem to do justice to what I actually saw.

Those who know me have seen my penchant for dealing with images that have a play of light and shadow and true to form, it was at the end of the day that the "best" opportunities presented themselves. This time it was the south peak that had the most contrast as the last light of the day moved off of the main mountain and played itself out on the southern crest.