January 31, 1999

Hey.. I bet that gets someone's attention.

Ok - So here is the question, and I did say when I started this journal that I might raise a question from time to time.

How come it is.... that brown "native" breasts are ok to show on TV, but white pinkish ones... get blurred out?

Are brown ones not as good as white ones?

Is it because they are unsupported and kinda floppy?

There in the jungle, the Discovery channel shows them, big ones, small ones, young ones, old ones, long ones and short ones, all in living (brown) color. But then, when we switch to a special of life in the ER, or to any other place for that matter, they are blurred out, lest we be offended.

What’s up with that?

Ok... I'm offended.

Can someone explain to me this double standard.

Boobs in the jungle are ok to show and tell, but in the ER they are not? Do TV producers figure native breasts... aren't .. well breasts?

I was thinking that perhaps TV was just continuing the National Geographic tradition as being the source of “show and tell” for the prepubescent teenage boy population.

But hey, come on, this is 2002 and now we have the Internet.

Anyone know what this is about?

Just wondering.