Ode to Plump Middle Aged Office Goddesses

February 4, 1999

She wrote that in her diary.

Not the Ode part, but Modest....

I loved it. It made me laugh, even the part with bi-focals.

Turns out she loves Victoria's Secret.

While watching snippets of the Super Bowl the other night I caught the VS ad and was pondering just what it said about our culture.

Then I read about the office goddesses and had to share a bit of history.

Super Bowl ad says something like (White type on a black background)

The Denver Bronco's won't be there
The Atlanta Falcon's won't be there -
And you won't care

Cut to model prancing toward the camera in her matched VS bra and panty set - First one, then another, finally the third. All famous - And somehow I think, all mutant.

They didn't just have push-up's - they were wearing inflatables and I think someone put in a bit too much air.

But you see the more things change, the more they stay the same.

From some early writings (about 3,000 yrs old +-) comes the following:

"How lovely are your feet in sandals, Oh daughter of nobles!
Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a master's hand.
Your navel is like a round goblet-Let mixed wine not be lacking!
Your belly like a heap of wheat, Hedged about with lilies.
How fair you are, how beautiful! O Love with all its rapture!
Your stately form is like the palm, Your breasts like clusters.
I say: Let me climb the palm, Let me take hold of it's branches..."

Well for those of you who may recognize some of this and check it out, I prefer this translation when compared to the original language.

It seems that VS has the got the Palm and it's clusters down, now all they gotta do is feed those anorexics and let some air out of the balloons

Let's hear it for all the "normal" folks out there.