My first I-anything, and I bought it for?

Yes – you can read it – BAR REVIEW.

Last weekend we had a “tax holiday” on school supplies here in New Mexico.  So there was no sales tax on computers, and the like up to $1,000.00 for computers or tablets, and an additional $500 for accessories.

And I just couldn’t help myself so I “saved” seventy dollars in taxes and spent $963.00 on the Ipad, a cover, and a two year “drop it and we replace it” warranty.

All for what?  Bar Review?

All I really needed to do is walk into a bar, sit down, have a drink and then write a review, right?

Well, it doesn’t work that way if you want to be admitted to practice law in another state.  The way they have it all sewn up in this country is that you have to pass the bar all over again, and again and again, which keeps people’s jobs pretty safe when you think about it.  That test is really not that easy, and once you are settled in, who wants to take it all over again.

I decided some time back in June that my plan for the next 7 months or so would be to start to study for the Arizona Bar and then take it in February of 2013.  You see, Arizona has a very special feature with their jurisdiction (other than 2 of my children and all of my grand children live there).  If you practice law in Arizona for 5 years, then you have reciprocity with 29 other jurisdictions,which means that you can practice law all over the country practically.

I like having my options open.


Enter the Ipad – with it’s data connection that will allow me to study when I’m on the road, in hotels, waiting in airports, and occasionally on airplanes, without having to lug out a massive computer that won’t open up in a cramped airplane seat anyway.

And today was the official start of it all.  At 9:00am I entered a big room with my number 2 pencils and began to take the preliminary test that I need finished before I can be admitted to the Arizona Bar.  That test is the Ethics exam, which although I took it and passed it 5 years ago today, is not “current” enough for the state of Arizona.  Since the test can only be 2 years old, I had to sign up again.

After taking the test today all I could do is exactly as I did last time, think to my self, “what just happened.”  It was amazing how the test questions were, for the most part, nothing like what I had studied.  The fine line distinctions were impossible.  My only hope is that the curve will save me.  In 5 weeks or so, I will know.  At least if I have to take this one again I already have a different study plan worked out.

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