Flashing in the night

Granted, its only one photo, but after getting maybe one, possibly two photos for the entire lightning season last year, one photo is a great start. 7.3.13b

Actually, had I been set up and ready, I might have been able to capture one or two more images, because while I was setting up my tripod on the front porch I did miss a shot or two.

This particular storm approached from the north and moved to the southwest – not the usual summer pattern for New Mexico.  I couldn’t shoot this storm as it approached since the balcony on the north side of the house is totally exposed.  Wet cameras and exposed photographers in a lightning event do not make for a good combination.  As usual, I hid out under a covered balcony until the storm had passed to the west.



I have to say that I was quite happy to see the rain hitting the Sandias since they have been closed for hiking since June 11 due to the danger of fires.  But alas, the rains were scant and the mountain remains closed.  I had hoped to take the weekend and head on up to Seattle but Mrs was not really excited for that trip so I blew off the tickets, got my reward points added back to my account and planned for a trip down to the Lincoln National Forest where hopefully it will be much cooler.

Maybe the photo drought for lightning shots is over.  I don’t know, but the forecast is calling for 20% chance of rain each day for the next several days.  It will be my luck that we will be in Cloudcroft when the rains finally begin here.

As I saved these couple of images on my hard drive I noticed the folders that hold the lightning shots.  I’ve arranged them by date and have a solid record for seven full summers.  In seven years I’ve only gotten one shot of lightning in the month of June.  Granted, I’ve seen lightning in June, even this year, but it was during the day from my office window when a chance storm graced the mountain.

Prior to this shot on the third of July, the earliest that I have recorded is July 5, 2008. July, August and September have lots of dates scattered among them.  It’s time. Let the rains begin.  I don’t even care if we see lightning, as long as the rains begin.

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