Marking my spot in time

It’s all about the words, right? Isn’t that what a blogging or journaling is supposed to be about?

Yesterday after I climbed the mountain and was back at the house by 11am,  I spent a great deal of time the rest of the day looking at WordPress layouts, and fussing and messing around with this site and with the whole idea of switching over to the WordPress style from what I have done over the past 13 years.

I’m still not happy with the speed of the application and I suspect that it’s because of my web host.  But all in all, I’ve made two decisions in the last couple of days, that being that I am going to work with this style and I am going to stick with the theme that I’ve chosen.

I don’t care that the images are not quite as big as I was thinking because I’ve got a photo blog for the larger images.  I also don’t care that the site may be a bit slower, because quite frankly I’ve not really posted anything in months because of my inability to decide on which style I was going to use.

So this is it, at least until something really comes along and slaps me upside on the head.  I am going to stay with this style because it is fast, and I don’t want to edit 4 pages just because I want to quickly post one page.

I’ve also decided to ditch my current web host, because I suspect that it is part of the reason this part of my website is so slow.  I may switch and find out that was not the case, but because the price is half of what I pay now, why stay?

That’s the story, and I’m posting this here to remind myself of the mental gymnastics I’ve gone through to get to this point.  Now I’m going to go back into the year and “fill in” the blanks as it were, and get on with the writing.

After all, it is about the words.

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2 Responses to Marking my spot in time

  1. Every so often, I go back and forth on which WordPress theme to use. Some days, I spend more time vacillating over one or the other than I do posting. Love WP and all its features — and response to ?s

    • David Alan says:

      My problem wasn’t days, it was months going back and forth, trying this, trying that, and never writing. Finally I just surrendered.

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