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I began writing and journaling online at the end of November or the beginning of December, 1998, making this year 14 of my chronicle.

Fourteen years….

Thinking back, it’s hard to remember just how the technology has progressed over these fourteen years, although I do remember that we hooked up to the internet through a noisy modem that made all kind of weird sounds as we connected to the world we now know as the web.

I just looked up the progression of “baud rates” or the modem connect speeds. In 1998 whe had progressed from 9k to 28.8k to a blazing 33.6k. In 1996 the 56k modem was invented and hit wide commercial service about the time I posted my first written words at the end of 1998.

Several communities of writers were birthed about that time allowing people to actually comment about the things that we mused about.

Today, we tweet, we twit we connect with phones and publish photos to show the world – hey look at me.. I’m eating this…

Ok – so we are bombarded with the irrelevant, what’s that got to do with this entry?

Today I’m amazed, and I’m going to share it with you from the comfort of my seat.

Yes, I know that the thing that currently is amazing me has been around for a while, maybe even a year or two with some airlines, but as of yet, it has eluded me for most of my 100 flights a year.

So this is what I just did – and I’m documenting it because 10 years from now I hope to look back at this and say.. “how quaint… remember when…”

I just logged on, got my free wifi, and went to my website.

Then I took a screen capture, cropped it in Photoshop and then uploaded the finished product to the web so I could link to it from this entry.

I’ve linked to it, written about it, and here you have it.

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