No Mo Photo

November 22, 2006

All good things must come to an end, right?

What I'm talking about is my attempt to post a photo a day, either here in an entry or on the Nov photo of the day page.

In a couple of minutes I'm bugging out of here and heading on off to Arizona to have Thanksgiving with the married kiddie's other family. Kind of a first for us - we've always either had the dinner at our house or gone to a family member's house in Michigan.

That was then.

and I've got work to do, like getting ready for exams, as next week is the final week of class.

Just think, one year from Dec 1 and this whole thing just might be over.

Someone said to me the other day "You already are more a lawyer than not."

Interesting thought.

On the travel front, I'm not really wanting to say anything because the plans may just evaporate, but I will tell ya that I booked the tickets yesterday and burned up all my frequent flyer miles in one fell swoop.


It's not like it's irrevocable, I've got the ability to cancel the flights, pay a hundred bucks and get all my miles back.

I'll talk with the primary "power that be" tomorrow and judge the amount of "resistance."

Spouse says "go for it."

I'm thinking that I will - primarily because when you have the opportunity it may not reappear.

I may even upgrade my "hiking camera" for something better, just because of this.

Live is short, hug your family and have a Happy Thanksgiving!