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Photo of the day 11.20.12

We had a really warm fall this year and I saw a frost forecast last week so I set about cleaning out the flowers and at the last minute grabbed the pots off of the front porch and brought them inside of the house.  Now granted, we have a lot of light in our atrium, in fact there is a 4ft x 4ft skylight overhead that does well by the plants inside.  In fact, it does so well that we have actually kept a poinsettia blooming for an entire year.  Ok, so by the time the next Christmas came around it looked weary, but it still had red leaves none the less.

Today as I was sitting at the computer I kept  seeing this one hibiscus blossom out of the corner of my eye.  So yes, now it’s the photo of the day.

Such is the wonderful color that is now inside when the rest of the outside has gone dim.

December 10, 2012 - 5:32 am aA - wow! i thought ure somewhere much warmer, then our usually winter. i saw those flowers last summer in greece. i have one too, but in this season, i offered it a nice "haircut" and now all its sleeping :)

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