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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Photo of the day, Sunday July 29, 2012

Well, it’s a screen capture turned into a photo, but it’s time to remember so I’m posting it. It’s my Sunday morning walk up the mountain, in case you were wondering. The big news is found in the time section.  See that – even though I started a minute later that indicated, it’s still under […]

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Photos of the day, Saturday 7.28.2012

Took the morning off from hiking today and by the time the afternoon rolled around we headed on up to Santa Fe to attend the “Spanish Market” which supposedly draws some 70,000 people a year to view the various wares. I took pictures of other stuff. This was growing like a weed on a street […]

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Photos of the day, 7.21.2012

The day is still young, but these were from this morning. This is a good example of an nearly impossible shot without a tripod and a HDR software package.  I actually tried to have Photoshop do an HDR conversion (High Dynamic Range) but it didn’t work out, so what I ended up doing was taking […]

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Photos of the day, Saturday July 14,2012

Today, its about the bugs. Those wings look like plastic. And this guy – I guess I’ll have to change my strategy to take bug photos, especially with larger bugs.  The macro mode on my camera will focus down to one inch, and as you can see, parts of the bee are in focus, and […]

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Photo of the day – 7.8.2012

Close up of part of a Spreading Fleabane, member of the Aster Family. Story is over at the writing blog.

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Photo of the day – July 7, 2012

Unknown wildflower – yet to be identified. Shot in an overcast, I may try again tomorrow.  These are very very small, the pink cluster to the right is less than the size of a dime. Story over at the writing blog.

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Skyrocket – Photo of the day July 4, 2012

I suppose it’s fitting to post a flower called a skyrocket on the 4th of July. I had no idea of it’s name till after I was back editing images. The flower is a biennial, with clusters of bright red, trumpet-shaped flowers on slender, often solitary stems up to 2-2 1/2 feet tall.  Typical of […]

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