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Category Archives: Lightning in New Mexico

Photos of the day, Thursday, July 25, 2013

I was working on a home improvement project Thursday evening when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light.  In my house however that’s not always what it appears since we have some kind of anti-hardshell bug repellers that emit a bright blue flash of light on a regular basis. […]

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Photo of the day, 7.3.13

It’s about time.  Hopefully the photo drought is over, as will be the real drought, sooner rather than later. I’ve written about it over in the journal.

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Panorama of the day, August 7, 2012

At first, this just might look like another one of my many lightning shots. What you don’t know however, is that this is 100% luck.  It’s a daylight shot, and the only reason the lightning is in the image is that it flashed 3 times and after I pressed the shutter the first time, I […]

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Photo of the day, Thursday, August 2, 2012

It’s about time. I looked in the archives and found that I have no photos in June, 10 series in July and 10 series in August.  Then there are a couple in September, and one or two in October.  And that’s that, that’s all you get.  I can’t believe that I have not had a […]

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Photos of the day – Sunday August 28, 2011

This was a big weekend for variation, and this day as a matter of fact, a big day for the variety of images. First we start on the the seashore near Carmel, California where I had both cameras fast at work, one doing the close up thing, the other the telephoto thing. From what I’ve […]

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The Drought ends

The drought of lightning images that is.  I’d post a link to the last set that I took last year, but I don’t have them up yet.  I should get going on those, it was a cool rare late October storm.  At any rate, there have probably been some good storms here as of late, […]

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Photos of the day – 8.23.10

It wasn’t a spectacular storm day, but there are enough images for a posting.  Most of these are longer distance shots with the storms quite a ways away.  Today’s track was from the southwest to the northeast so nothing really got that close. I’m getting spoiled, unless there is high drama, I’m not inclined to […]

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Photos of the day – 8.4.2010

This was a great day for me. I’ve been on the road so much these last two years that I’ve missed lots and lots of the summer storms here in Albuquerque. Tonight however, I got to watch and shoot during an amazing display. I love it when the clouds are defined by a really bright […]

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