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Category Archives: Urban Nature

Photo of the day- 4-17-2010

Even when the only thing you have is a phone camera – sometimes the photos can come out “all right.” Went to an associate’s birthday party in Los Lunas on Saturday afternoon and was so pleased to see this bed of tulips in his mother’s front yard. I’m inspired and next year, these will grace […]

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More of the same

It’s urban, its nature, only this time it’s in the morning (saturday) and not in the evening.  Besides, the sun has now moved so far to the south that it’s light no longer hits the roses in the evening. So you take what you can get… when you have the time. Last week I did […]

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Urban Nature Part 2

I just remembered that I wanted to try and shoot the rose from yesterday’s post with a little more time. This positioning shot shows you how the one rose is the highlight of the bush. You can also get an idea how dark the background is going to be when the camera is concentrated on […]

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Urban Nature

I ran across a site that I had bookmarked some time ago, called Urban Nature.  Although the writer has stopped posting for over a year now, I kind of liked the idea and decided to add a category to my Blog for photos that might suite my fancy when I’m out and about in the […]

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