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“Not to transmit an experience is to betray it.”

– Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Depending on how you count and parse time, I have been writing and posting on the web since December of 1998. Different parts of this site were built at different times using hand coded HTML, then Dreamweaver combined with WordPress platforms.  As of the summer of 2021 the core structure has been rebuilt into a WordPress platform with links to separate WP files, and HTML archives. Now all the rooms need to be remodeled. These are the pieces you will find here, whether it’s quotes, photos or thoughts and musings. It will take years to upgrade both photos and text for today’s web.  When this site began, computer monitor resolution was a fraction of what is available today. 

What you will find here

Writings - Thoughts and Musings

New Blog posts and back fill ultimately back to 2012. Entries will be moved to the current blog over time. Archive pages are listed below (old books image)in HTML format.

Photo of the Day

Link to a separate WP site designated the Photo Blog that contains a photo of the day, or more. Quotes can appear as well.

Library of Quotes

The most accurately sourced library of quotes on the web. If someone said it and we can find a good source trail, or the original quote, it can find a home in the library.​

Image Galleries

Images from travels, hikes and wanderings. Galleries will be slowly populated as the site is rebuilt. Link is to old galleries.

The old web pages

This site is undergoing a complete rebuild. During this time the primary landing page and its links can be found here. Some of them may be broken. Original focus will be on converting the quote pages, then the galleries and the blogging.

The Archives

Original blogging pages in HTML format from 1999 - 2011. Because of their index history they will remain in this form until they have been can be rewritten into the current blog. That will take a long time, especially since finding some of the original images is almost impossible.

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