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Photos of the Day Monday, June 13, 2022

Sharing the river on a Monday morning with just about nothing but horses and the occasional kayak or paddleboard.  It’s such a different trip to get out on a week day.  We will do this more often. 


Photos of the Day Sunday, June 5, 2022

Having just crossed the Salt river on our way back from New Mexico, it was about time that we were able to get back on the river the following weekend.  The unusual thing about this photo is that in all the time we have launched from this place, we have never seen horses trying to cross the river in this section. 


Photos of the Day, Saturday, March 27, 2022

Quick flight on Saturday that burned up the last of my AA miles in order to pick up a used car in ABQ for our daughter. Quick turn-around after lunch and we were on our way.  The route home crossed the Salt river and we stopped for a quick photo opp. The markers for the trail down to the water were amusing.

Photo of the Day, March 19, 2022

Before the full kayak season opens for us with our tandem kayak, the last 3 miles of the river remains the only option for us.  

Photo of the Day, March 12, 2022

It’s Happy Birthday Saturday for LUCY!  The theme was unicorns and a delightful time was had by all.

Photo of the Day, March 10, 2022

Barb and I took a friend out to the lake today and even though it was somewhat brief, we had a great time. The temps were perfect and nature did not disappoint

Photo of the Day, March 6, 2022

This little guy, the vermillion fly catcher, is to me, nature’s equivalent of a small child with severe ADHD.  It flits from branch to branch daring you to try and take a good image.

Photo of the Day, February 15, 2022

Tonight’s sunset is a stitched together panorama of three vertical iPhone images.  I wanted to get the entire pool reflection but had trouble linking the original image into this spot.  The result is a cropped image.


Photo of the Day, January 30 2022

Dropped out to the fire table earlier this evening and watched as the last light of the day turned into night.  Got to grab more of these evenings since the heat will soon be here. My daughter has been staying with us recently and she and her houseguest have named this the “Cafe.”  We love it and the place is so named.


Photo of the Day, January 17 2022

AJ the birthday girl goes for a boat ride on Saguaro Lake with the family.  There were enough of us so that the boat rental was cheaper than the fake paddleboat ride, and lots more fun as well. Too many images for a photo of the day, so that means its time for a blog post to add all the other nature shots.

Photo of the Day, January 09, 2022

Just a couple of days later we were back to Granite Reef for sunset photos, only this time I shot the other direction.  The Alpen glow turns the 4 Peaks pink.  Now that all of the reeds have been cleared away from the shoreline, it’s a great place to sit and take sunset photos.

Photo of the Day, January 06, 2022

Great quick trip out to Saguaro lake, then stopping to shoot at Water Users.  Then stopped at the roadside of Phon D to get the sunset going down in the west with a final stop at the renovated Granite Reef recreational area.  This last light spoke to me the most.


Photo of the Day, January 01, 2022

Evening outing at the Scottsdale Railroad Park, one  price pays for all rides on the train and carousel.  Holiday lights were great.

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