When I began to write on the web at the end of 1998, the second piece written was a bio of sorts.  You can find the original piece here. It has been moved over to the latest website design and it still is relevant to the story.  

These years however are more dedicated to wandering and photographing than flying and tearing down a slope with my hair on fire.  Age does that to a person.  The latest passion is Kayaking on the lower Salt River in Arizona

Knee problems and the bionic replacement have taken me out of the extreme hiking and skiing worlds, and watching grandchildren as they do their sports takes up a good chunk of the weekends in the fall and spring.  Fortunately, when the river is open, they are out of school and kid’s sports are shelved for the hot summer.

We moved to AZ full time in September of 2020.  The work from home is going well, although I’m getting tired of the work part of it all,  even if it is part time.  For about 4 years Mrs. and I were doing 50 flights a year as I worked in AZ for a couple of days every two weeks or so.  Thankfully the commuting is over and I can guarantee you that I don’t miss the airports.

Although I started writing on a website that claims to be one of the origins of “social media back in 1998, this website can be traced back to March 3, 2000 where the Wayback Machine has it’s first archive pages from nsrider.com. There is not much to see on the landing page, but the archive holds all of the first year’s worth of writing including a couple entries from 1998.  The first year or so began on a public website Open Diary that was initially limited to words only.  I soon left that world for this space on the web. 

Nsrider is short for Night Sky Rider which is the pen name I choose because it embodies one of my favorite activities, flying, especially flying at night.  I started flying before my parents would let me take the family car alone and it was one of my life’s major passions.  The name Wanderings was the best I could do at the time, and it seems to have stood the test of time as these writings cover a lot of wanderings through space and time.

Originally I had a bio that got modified a couple of times over the decades with the first take from December of 1998.  You can find it here.

Lots of construction and conversion and remodeling going on here.  This is one of the oldest continuous blogs on the web.  Enjoy your visit. 

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