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Youth Soccer

Photo of the Day, Dec 5, 2020

Last game of the year for youth soccer.  Grandson’s tournaments for the weekend were canceled due to so many out of state teams coming into Arizona last weekend.  Covid restrictions have now closed all city rec facilities.  Schools however remained open for the last games of the local season.


Photo of the Day, November 23, 2020

Almost identical to an image from last month.  Must be the clouds.  Last month’s was shot with the iPhone, this month with a Cannon DSLR. From now on, I’ll use the iPhone or a wider lens on the Cannon.

AZ October sunset

Photo of the Day, October 30, 2020

NM is a somewhat distant memory in the rear view mirror, except for the sunsets viewed from our balcony.  So instead of sitting out and freezing in ABQ, I’m chilling in Arizona and thinking we have a sunset view spot here as well.


Photos of the Day, October 16, 2020

Since we moved the first of September, NM has had it’s first snowfall over several days.  Meanwhile, we head out for the community pool at least 3 times a week at 0 dark 30 and have our coffee in the hot tub. Then it’s time for laps. This morning I turned to Mrs after my first dip into the hot water.  “I love this.” I said.  “I don’t  miss Albuquerque at all.”  And that’s that.  I’m grateful we got out when we did. Although we have had a cold spell, I have decided that 42 degrees in the dark and cold is just a bit too chilly.  Therefore I’ll start working earlier and hit the pool at or near lunchtime for a warmer swim.


Photo of the Day, October 15, 2020

This is why we came here, it’s where most of the family lives, and the third child is only six more hours to the west. 


Photo of the Day, August 22, 2020

It seems that we are closing in on the closing, inch by inch.  Meanwhile we rent another U-haul and head off to the dump this weekend instead of taking a load on over to Arizona. We hope this works. 


Photo of the Day, June 26, 2020

The June 2020 sunsets continue to amaze.  I realize now that I should be using better equipment than the iPhone.  Soon the tripod and good lenses will come out.  Panorama of this view can be found here


Photo of the Day, June 23, 2020

Great light show with the rays of the setting sun peeking through the clouds over Albuquerque.  Soon, we hope, someone else will be enjoying this view.

Photo of the Day June 21, 2020

The longest day of 2020.  Exceptionally wide “big sky” color assist credit goes to the wildfires burning in Arizona.  The smoke adds particles to the sky and colorful sunsets are frequently the result.  This image was made by stitching two photos together because the expanse of sky is so large off my balcony. Sunset over Albuquerque.


Photo of the Day, April 26, 2020

We planted special rose bushes in honor of our mothers in the garden.  This is my Mother-in-Law’s which is generally the first to bloom and is the more flamboyant.  My mother’s bush is solid red, and as such is tough to photograph, and is always the late bloomer.

Prickly Pear Cactus flower

Photo of the Day, April 14, 2020

While doing my morning bike ride for my knee rehab, I stopped for a quick photo and caught a polinator in action.  Mesa, AZ.

Spring Cactus, Arizona

Photo of the Day, April 4, 2020

Spring cactus from my morning walk.  Mesa, AZ


Photo of the Day, January 19, 2020

Came over to Phoenix for the second business trip of the year that combined with a long weekend because of MLK day.  Normally we would be here for Ainsley’s birthday but she was in San Diego.  Interesting side note, this park, Scottsdale, Arizona’s McCormick-Stllman won a Leslie Knope awa 

Sandia Tram at sunse

Photo of the Day, January 5, 2020

First week of the new year and we had a guest with us in Albuquerque.  Actually, she spent Christmas with us and as a result we ended up taking a couple of side trips that we might have skipped over otherwise.  Great memories showing her some of the wonders of the southwest U.S. We went up to the top of the mountain and had an early dinner.  Packed into the tram, we ended up taking our last “flight” up to the top of the mountain before it got closed down because of Covid. 

Very Big Array, New Mexico

Photo of the Day, January 1, 2020

It is not lost on me that I only figured out how to use the photoblog just under a year ago and have not used it since. Once figured out, some images were added in a back-fill but new content has been absent. This image of one of the 28 Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescopes was taken on an extended road trip back to New Mexico after spending Christmas in Phoenix. Now I have decided to keep it simple and not have another wordpress install linked into this one.  I’m creating a separate page for each year that I have had the “photo blog.”  Now all it takes is the backfill.

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