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Photo of the Day, September 4, 2023

Memorial day weekend, 2023.  My second attempt this year to do ribs, and this time it all worked.  Have to watch the grill all of the time because it gets too hot otherwise.

Photo of the Day, August 29, 2023

Not a lot of photos today – primarily because the river wildlife was very quiet.  Not so for the birds, the vultures, the great Heron and the Egret. Plenty of those were seen, but from a distance.  And they did not photograph well. This location is one mile south of the launch ramp that we use at the Water Users recreation site.

Photo of the Day, August 10, 2023

In the Copenhagen airport we stopped for our last cappichino and a muffin.  Next stop New York and a change too the flight to Phoenix.

Photo of the Day, May 13, 2023

While on the May 2023 graduation ceremony trip, we made several appearances at the famous Santa Monica Pier.  Come to find out, that while the crowd produces a whole lot of anxiety type issues related to my Parkinson’s, I was given some very sage advice of how to deal with the flow of a crowd.  One of L’s teachers and an expert on Parkinson’s suggested that I view the experience as a big game, and approach the crowd by trying to see how I could navigate through it seamlessly, without touching anyone. The teeming mass became a game and the effect was awesome.

Photo of the Day, May 12, 2023

 Middle child, L graduates from USC School of Cinematic Arts.  Last college graduation I suspect as she is hooded for her PhD.  Congrats, Sweets.  Great job. I know there are better photographs, but I am surprised by how well this turned out from so far away.  Fighting the “shake-n-bake” all the way.

Photo of the Day, Feb 12, 2023

Fort  play at grandma’s house.

Photo of the Day, January 07, 2022

Traveled a bit past our normal parking spot near the Lost Dutchman State park and went back into the actual wilderness.  Access is via a rough dirt road but it was a true find.  We even came across running water on the hike. Photos added to the blog entry.

Photo of the Day, January 02, 2022

Took a quick trip out to Saguaro lake today and the paddle wheel boat was about to take off so we decided to go ahead and take the ride.  A little chilly for the kayak and we enjoyed the ride.

Photo of the Day, January 01, 2023

Stacking animals puzzle game with grand daughter on New Years Day.  I think 9 pieces made it for the best attempt of the day.

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