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Mountain Wind 5/16/09

I thought about hiking up to the top of the Sandias this weekend but a quick check of the weather put an end to that thinking, primarily because of the forecast for high winds.

Where we live, at the edge of a canyon, that usually means that the winds will really be high, and if that’s the case, they will probably be so high that the tram won’t run as well. It’s difficult to capture the effect of a really strong wind, but one of the trees in the image seems to say it well.
The curious thing about the canyon cool air is that sometimes it rolls over the mountain like the edge of a down comforter, just hanging on the top of the mountain, leaving about 95% of the slope clear below. I suspect that the cool moist air pours over onto the dry side of the Sandias and evaporates.

So it was a day to finish up the garden and almost all of the flowers in the back yard.

Just as the day was ending I shot this panorama of the cloud on the near side of the mountain. It looked to me like someone had turned on a fog machine. You could actually watch the cloud roll over the top, down the slope and just disappear.

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