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Eagle Eyes, Part 2

Same tree, different day, and as a matter of fact, different year.

At least I think it was the same tree.

Back in the spring of 2004 when my daughter had graduated from ASU, all of us were out there for the graduation.  I remember as we were headed out the B-Line that someone in the back spotted a bird and yelled out to me.

I wrote about our National Lampoon moment back then, and I suppose since I didn’t get killed the first time, Mrs was quite ok with me pulling over on the side of the road to get out my camera.

This was then – March 16, 2004

And here, just 6 years and one month later



And the photos are gone… probably erased from the memory card in the camera after I took it out to transfer all of the wildflower photos.

Oh well – there were only 5 shots or so, but this time I had my photo-extender on and could have enlarged a bit more.  Unfortunately I did under expose the photos and the bird was turned the other direction so I only got a slight profile from the back.

Lesson learned… copy your files when you get them, and don’t format till you have double checked to make sure all of the images are downloaded.

Meanwhile, I hope that the missing photos are stuffed away in some obscure place only to be discovered somewhere down the road.  If not, hopefully I’ll catch another eagle in the tree sometime in the future.

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