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Photo of the day, 9.11.1020

Went to Phoenix on Thursday / Friday but didn’t really have any photo opportunities with the grandchild, hurried as it often is.

Got a great deal at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch, Thanks Bill Schatner, you are one skilled negotiator.

As I spent today doing a bit of this and that, I looked up at the sky around 6:00 and thought that it could possibly be a great night for a sunset.  Turns out that the early sunset was obscured by some thick cloud, but then that band of light on the horizon turned a glorious shade of orange.

Sipped my glass of wine until the colors were just too much to forget and I grabbed the memories, this time with the Nikon D100 and the 18-200mm lens.

As we sat and watched we remembered that it was 9/11 and that it’s been 9 years since that terrible day.  I don’t like to look at the images, it is too much of a reminder of the chaos that is the world today.

While it’s a mess out there, I find peace in watching the art painted in the late summer sky.

Zooming in of course, makes all the difference.

And the telephoto panorama…

You can view a larger image here.

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