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Time for the new year – Photos of the day – 1.1.11

I had a plan, but the snow kind of took away a part of that plan.

You see the last several years found me on New Year’s day or the day after, climbing up to the top of the Sandias.  This year however, the snow came early in the week and by the time it was over, the ski resort was reporting a 35 in base.  That meant that there was some serious snow on the summit and memories of my 2010 slog through the last mile of snow kept me curled up in the house working on this, that and some of the other.  I primarily worked on moving computer systems around in the house as I have a new desktop machine but one that won’t work with some of my older technology.

The view that greeted me was the same as I’ve seen quite a few times after a snow, the top of the mountain is covered in frost while the base of the mountain remained free of visible snow.

That’s not so special, so I zoomed in a bit.

That is mind you, a panorama of three images stitched together.

But you really can’t see the detail, so let’s go closer.


That’s a bit blurred, but at 100% you are seeing the snow on the roof of the building just to the right of the towers on the top of the mountain.  I measured the distance with a mapping program and it’s a little over 11 miles from my balcony.  That’s what a 2x converter and a 200mm telephoto gets you on a digital image.  I think the end magnification is close to 600mm.

At any rate, I watched the mountain and the clock thinking I might drive on up there for the Alpen Glow – and finally decided that the hour drive up and the hour drive back just wasn’t worth the 5 to 7 minutes of light I’d have to shoot with.

That’s all you get folks, a quick burst of color, and it’s all gone.

I’ve got a shot from the top of the mountain that I was going to link to – but alas – I never got to putting that series of images up there.


Hopefully not too wishful of thinking.

February 3, 2011 - 9:31 pm Lexi - You know me as Zena. So glad to see more beautiful pics..I am in contact with Patty and Gary on that billion dollar Social Network They are doing great.. Addicted to CrossFit...

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