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Photos of the day – Sunday August 28, 2011

This was a big weekend for variation, and this day as a matter of fact, a big day for the variety of images.

First we start on the the seashore near Carmel, California where I had both cameras fast at work, one doing the close up thing, the other the telephoto thing.

From what I’ve been used to, both in Michigan and here in New Mexico, this is what I’d call a dwarf doe – she and her fawn were foraging in the dunes just off of the beach.

Note the dew, which keeps this shore line in a constant state of green.  Granted, pebble beach is just around the corner, but come on, it’s summer and they hadn’t seen the sun in over three weeks.  Note how small this flower is, compared to the grains of sand.  Once again my micro closeup with the Olympus shines.

While it might have been nice to have a full spiderweb to photograph, I like the progression of dew drops on this one.  I blew it up to see if I was caught in any of the drops but I can’t seem to see myself.  If you look closely at the doe above, you can see how her fur has become matted with the dew.

Finally, all I can say is that when you can’t get all of the lightning into the frame of a wide angle lens, then you might be just a little bit too close for comfort.

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