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Photos of the day – 5.5.2012

I read that this evening would find us with the biggest and brightest full moon of 2012 and it did not dissapoint.  It’s the 2012 Supermoon, shot from Albuquerque.

I did however need to jump into the car after I loaded up my tripod and camera so that I could get closer to the mountain and actually get it rising over the ridge line.  I read that the moon appears larger if you can identify things in the foreground, but that is probably best when there is more light out.

At any rate, these are a couple of the shots.

I shot a cactus in the foreground for a different look

All photos shot with Nikon D100, 70-200 zoom with 2x extender.  I believe that’s about equivalent to a normal 600mm lens.

Clear of the mountain ridge, but behind a thin veil of high cloud.

Supposedly the moon will be at the full point at 11:35

May 14, 2012 - 5:50 am aA - i can see the pole...if the moon have something like that :D amazing pics, the cactus gives to the moon another shape, light is ireal pale pink...nice!

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