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Photos of the day, June 23, 2013 – Supermoon over Albuquerque

I happened to be driving home yesterday from the fix-it store and remembered that it was the “Supermoon” weekend, prompted of course by a giant rising full moon over the mountains.  Unfortunately there was a rather thick layer of high cloud that obscured the moon so I put it out of my mind until later in the evening when I walked outside to turn off the water feature in my back yard.

Looking up I suddenly remembered and dragged out the big lens and set up the tripod.  Since it was a couple of minutes after midnight, these photos belong to today.  I then set my phone alarm for 5:45, a good half an hour before the moon was to set over Albuquerque.


I included this next shot to show the relationship between the “zoom” and what one saw with the naked eye, but really, even this is zoomed, but at the low end of the range for the lens.


I decided that since the traverse of the moon was well to the south of the city, that I’d take my shots, and go back to bed, since you couldn’t really see any of the city from my vantage point.

Note how the  moon rotated between the two images – taken about five and a half hours apart.supermoon3

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