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Photos of the day, Sunday, August 4, 2013

The rains missed us last night and this afternoon but the upper reaches of the trails were still wet.  I took a slightly different route up the mountain today to see if I might find some different flowers and sure enough, I was graced with some beauties.

starburstThe Starburst lives up to it’s name, especially when it’s back lit like this one.  In two days of hiking and covering 13 miles of trail, I only saw two of these, and the one yesterday was shaded and did not turn out well.Nodding-onionThe Nodding Onion, while pretty, did not turn out quite like I had hoped.  I have another that I took in the Slideshows that I prefer and I was hoping to duplicate that effect. Perhaps next week.

Finally, out of the thousands of Stanley’s Four O’clock that were along the trail I saw this group with their petals in the shade and the yellow tips of the flower in the light.


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