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Photos of the Day, 9.11.13

I’m not exactly sure what caused me to look to the east today, for when I looked west, the sunset, while nice, was what I would call uneventful.


However, something caused my path to wander to the back of the house and I caught the reflection of the sunset off of the tops of the clouds in the east.


When I saw the towering cumulus I ran for my camera since I know from experience that the sunsets while sweet, can be very short.  I decided to skip the tripod and bounded up the stairs and went out onto my west balcony.  I climbed on the chair and hopped onto the roof from which I grabbed a ladder to get to the next level up.

Finally, from here I had a clear view of the sky.


Full sized panorama can be seen here.

Like I said, the light fades fast.


I don’t think the entire show lasted for more than ten to twelve minutes.


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