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Photo of the Day, April 26, 2020

We planted special rose bushes in honor of our mothers in the garden.  This is my Mother-in-Law’s which is generally the first to bloom and is the more flamboyant.  My mother’s bush is solid red, and as such is tough to photograph, and is always the late bloomer.

Prickly Pear Cactus flower

Photo of the Day, April 14, 2020

While doing my morning bike ride for my knee rehab, I stopped for a quick photo and caught a polinator in action.  Mesa, AZ.

Spring Cactus, Arizona

Photo of the Day, April 4, 2020

Spring cactus from my morning walk.  Mesa, AZ

Very Big Array, New Mexico

Photo of the Day, January 1, 2020

It is not lost on me that I only figured out how to use the photoblog just under a year ago and have not used it since. Once figured out, some images were added in a back-fill but new content has been absent. This image of one of the 28 Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescopes was taken on an extended road trip back to New Mexico after spending Christmas in Phoenix. Now I have decided to keep it simple and not have another wordpress install linked into this one.  I’m creating a separate page for each year that I have had the “photo blog.”  Now all it takes is the backfill.

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