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Photos of the day Saturday, October 8, 2011

What a weekend.

I think I took more photos of more unusual things than I’ve ever done on a single weekend before.

A cold front brought tons of rain and snow for the high elevations.

The full sized image is here.  (After the image loads in the browser window, click on it for a full sized image.)

Thinking that the balloon fiesta field would be soaked and a muddy mess, we decided to wait for the Sunday morning launch.  In the meantime, a couple of balloons blew across the face of the mountain allowing me to get a couple of terrific shots of a very unusual event, ballooning against the Albuquerque snow.

Just after I took the photo, I hopped into my car and headed up to the summit, because I knew that there might be an hour or two of great conditions for shooting the snow and that fabulous New Mexico blue sky.

Once I arrived, I saw something I’d never encountered before, hoar frost or snow that encapsulated the leaves of the aspen.

And our summit tour would not be complete without a shot of the frosted trees.

To finish off the afternoon, we went north to Santa Fe where I’ve hiked the “aspen trail” every year now for the past four, and two of the four have seen the mountain covered in show as extra eye candy for us on the color tour.




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