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Photos of the day, Sunday, October 9, 2011

A 4:45am wake up sent me to the computer in the other room to check the actual weather conditions at the balloon fiesta park.  Fearful of the forecast, I was most pleased that the winds were calm.  We woke our guest and were out the door just after 5:30.

Later in the park she said that this was just about the only thing on the planet worth getting up for at 5:00 in the morning.

That’s the same balloon that is floating across the snowfield of the Sandias in yesterday’s photos of the day.

When the sun hits the field and you look around at all the people with their cameras, you can begin to think that yes, this just might be the most photographed event on earth, as is claimed by the Fiesta group.

I don’t take that many photos any more, mostly of shapes I’ve not seen before so that sometime I can update my shapes library.  But I just can’t resist when the sun hits all that color.

To round off the afternoon, as I was sitting at the computer in my front room I heard a jet roar by the front of the house.  I jumped up, and yelled to everyone, Airshow – Airshow – there is an airshow today, and I forgot about it.

I grabbed the camera card out of the computer, ran into the garage for my monopod and bounded up the stairs for the roof.

Ok -so it wasn’t really a front row seat, but from our vantage point, we had a pretty cool view.

Since the airport is about 650 feet below the level of my roof, at times we were able to see the jets at eye level – or in this case, below.


As he rolled out of the turn, one can see why they are called the thunderbirds.

More air show photos in a post here.


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