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Photos of the day, 7.21.2012

The day is still young, but these were from this morning.


This is a good example of an nearly impossible shot without a tripod and a HDR software package.  I actually tried to have Photoshop do an HDR conversion (High Dynamic Range) but it didn’t work out, so what I ended up doing was taking one photo of the properly exposed sky, and merging it with another photo of the properly exposed mountain and with a bit of cut N paste, there is a reasonable image.  The camera just can’t deal with the wide range of light in a photo like this.

This skinny guy, about 3 feet long, was stretched across the trail and showed no real sign of being interested in moving for me.  I’m not sure what kind of snake it is, but I can tell you that it’s the first snake I’ve ever seen on the La Luz trail in the five years I’ve been hiking it.  One other time I came across a rattler in the foothills,  but never along the tram trail or the La Luz.


July 27, 2012 - 4:52 am aA - uh! you're soooooooo brave, i would be in panic! im sure hes poisoning with so many colours on him!

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