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Smiling Jack, Photos of the Day, 8.5.2012

(edit – 8.10.12) Looking at a book about the Rio Grande Valley I  found the name of this creature – Flame Skimmer dragonfly.

I took the weekend off from the mountain, worked around the house, did some studying, swam and relaxed.

This morning I had a visitor and since he seemed to be willing to stay still for a few minutes, I went and grabbed my big camera and lens.  The first set I took with my telephoto, but after seeing them on the computer I went back outside and there it was, still hanging on to the stalk in my back yard.  I changed to a macro lens, and the last two photos were taken with it.

Personally, since the last two images were taken about 3 hours after the first, I think it’s a different dragonfly.

Looks like a smile to me.

Still smiling

Although the face looks different, the pattern in the right wing appears to be the same.  Maybe he decided to come back for an afternoon sun session.

You can check out the full sized image if you like.


August 10, 2012 - 8:13 pm Dancing Antelope - Gorgeous, golden wings. It does look like it's smiling. Wow. I left the "other site."

September 7, 2012 - 5:50 am aA - wow, this little pricess really wanted to be a star :)) its amazing! love it!

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